Orange Business Enlists Cavli Wireless in Orange Connected Validation Program

Cavli Wireless joined Orange Business’ Connected Validation program, which was created to strengthen customer trust while supporting the building of the next-gen IoT connectivity management technology.

Cavli, it was noted, is committed to revolutionizing cellular IoT connectivity with robust, cost-effective and smart connectivity modules that are pre-loaded with global cellular connectivity. For years, Orange Business offered Cavli cellular connectivity, worldwide. The “Orange Connected” label, which Cavli Wireless can display on its devices, is part of the Orange Connected validation program, and indicative that they have been tested to function effectively on the Orange network.

The first modules to receive the ‘Orange Connected’ label of performance authentication include the “Cavli C16QS-EA” (Europe) and the “Cavli C16QS-WW” modules. Both are low-power, LTE Cat 1.bis modules for the automotive and logistics industries.

Tests used in the Orange validation process are more extensive than those used by standards organizations, including more extensive real-world and operational testing, as well as quality and security guarantees.

The program is open to all Orange IoT business partners and provides a single point-of-contact for several tests. Devices undergo an assessment stage before being put through compliance and control testing, both in a laboratory and in the field. This includes interoperability and energy consumption. If successful, the device is awarded the “Orange Connected” label, which can be promoted on devices, marketing materials and websites. Validated devices are also listed in the Orange IoT worldwide catalog.

Cavli Wireless and Orange Business technologies already enable enterprises to advance IoT capabilities. This includes helping enterprises to implement preventive measures for potential equipment failure via real-time monitoring and automation.

The Cavli cellular IoT module features an integrated eSIM for global connectivity and compatibility with the Hubble connectivity and modem management cloud platform, with the MQTT broker service that streamlines module management, connectivity and billing services. Orange Business connectivity capabilities help to provide quick, seamless onboarding of devices to the cloud, intelligent remote eSIM provisioning, and over-the-air updates.

“The future of IoT has the potential to be limitless,” said Cavli Wireless CPO, Akhil A Zeeb. “Our partnership with Orange Business enables us to help innovate devices that can move over an unrestricted wide range, opening up opportunities for innovative new IoT applications. The ‘Orange Connected’ label for performance authentication gives our customers confidence that they are using solutions that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure secure and seamless connectivity in various settings.”

For more info, check out the Orange Connected Validation program.