P2 telecom: ‘Business as Usual’

The technology distribution landscape is getting smaller and smaller, due to heavy M&A activity among master agents—leaving people looking around asking “who’s next?”

Not all companies, however, are up for grabs.

While the space may be consolidating at a rapid pace, some Master Agents—like Stamford, Connecticut’s P2 Telecom—are bucking the trend by choosing to shun offers and continue operating independently.

We spoke with P2 founder and CEO Bill Patchett, who confirmed that despite the interest that he’s seeing, his company has no plans to change ownership now, or in the near future.

“Make no mistake about it,” Patchett said. “P2 telecom is not for sale. We plan to continue operating as an independent distributor of telecommunications and cloud services throughout 2020, and beyond. That’s something you can count on.”

According to Patchett, distributors are being attracted by user-friendly SaaS platforms that promise to streamline the delivery of technology services. Yet while such platforms can help with some processes, they don’t always provide the best business outcomes.

“You can’t run your entire business model over a platform and expect it to perform magic,” Patchett said. “In order to succeed, agents need comprehensive, integrated services and support including training and guidance; a diverse network of products; favorable purchasing agreements; and turnkey support. We offer all of these features, and since we’re independent we are able to put the needs of our agents first. This is our biggest differentiator.”

In addition, P2 is known for providing in-depth training and educational resources to partners.

For example, on January 15 at 2 p.m. EST, P2 will join MACH Networks for a ChannelVision webinar discussing the 4G sales opportunity. With everyone talking about 5G right now, a lot of partners have been wondering about the current state of the 4G market. This webinar will provide a thorough overview of the current telecommunications landscape heading into 2020.

During the webinar, agents will also have the opportunity to partake in an open Q&A session with Patchett and MACH Networks CEO Donald Ochoa.

To register for this event, click here.