Panamax Enhances iMax Wholesale Platform for TDM-IP Migration

Panamax Inc. has enhanced its iMax integrated wholesale platform to target carriers moving from TDM to IP.

iMax offers carriers a standalone switching solution to integrate with their billing architecture. The unified platform, which provides network management, policy management, intelligent routing and real-time billing capabilities, is also available as a iMax standalone switch module for those that only require a switching solution.

Addressing the global shift from TDM switches to IP-based communications networks, iMax now offers TDM to IP and IP to TDM interconnect solutions across both legacy and next-generation telecom networks. iMax’s softswitch is a true software solution that can be deployed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers, yet matches scalability with known industry peers. Hence, there is no customized or specific hardware required to deploy the solution, which in turn reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

“On the basis of our vast experience in the interconnect voice and mobile network operator domain, we identified a need for modular architecture, whereby an iMax standalone switch module can be offered to carriers who just require a switching solution that can be integrated with their existing billing solution,” said Bankim Brahmbhatt, CEO, Panamax. “By deploying Panamax’s iMax, companies that are planning to enter the wholesale VoIP business now have the opportunity to work with a scalable and high-performance switch engine that will assist them in quickly and effectively penetrating the market.”

The iMax admin portal facilitates immediate changes to the switching solution to meet critical business requirements. Enriched with a comprehensive statistical and graphical interface that helps monitor voice business operations and enables real-time decision-making, it also features inbuilt denial of service (DoS) attack prevention, which facilitates running a secure and resilient network. iMax also features advanced call routing to help satisfy complex routing requirements. Additionally, as a standalone solution, the iMax one-box softswitch has to perform fewer queries and thereby provides better performance.