Panamax Updates iMax for Wholesale VoIP

Panamax has enhanced its iMax integrated wholesale carrier solution platform.

The unified platform now provides network management, switching, policy management, intelligent routing and real-time billing capabilities so that wholesale carriers can make use of a congestion-free and legacy-free carrier-class backbone for use in accelerating VoIP deployments.

Instead of investing in the operational expense of an expensive network, carriers, by leveraging iMax, can invest in a wholesale Class-4 Softswitch solution that optimizes their workforce with centralised operations management, reduces operating costs and increases efficiencies, while saving infrastructure expenditures by using a host-based service.

“Panamax’s iMax is an intelligent network platform that enables wholesale carriers to increase their wholesale VoIP business, particularly in emerging growth markets,” said Bankim Brahmbhatt, CEO at Panamax.  “Its user-friendly carrier management portal, efficient call session controller, dynamic routing and rating, and real-time billing features are just a few of the enhanced capabilities that make iMax a game-changer in the competitive wholesale VoIP business environment.”

Capable of handling multilateral peering of thousands of calls among various Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers, iMax is aimed at prepaid wholesale voice terminators, voice carriers, enterprise VoIP providers, and mobile operators.  Available as an end-to-end carrier management solution, it also can eliminate the need for multiple platforms and technologies.