Pareteum’s Partnership with Reach Mobile Sets Standard for Turnkey Mobile, Fixed Wireless

Pareteum Corporation, a global cloud communications platform company, has partnered with Reach Mobile, a platform provider for turnkey wireless services, to further differentiate its Pareteum Experience Cloud.

Leveraging Reach Mobile’s cloud-native platform represents a key facet of Pareteum’s global leadership in powerful mobility, customer engagement, analytics and intelligence services over the world’s largest unified global network. Working in tandem, the partners will accelerate the roll-out of MVNO services globally. The partnership leverages the best of both companies by expanding their joint global footprint and depicts the ease of integration across both cloud platforms.

Pareteum’s partnership with Reach Mobile fortifies its MVNE leadership, laying a pathway for rapid digital transformation and emerging mobile and fixed wireless use cases among carrier and private networks around the globe. The move democratizes access to wireless networks in a fashion similar to the way in which Square replaced analog POS systems – and in turn enabled anyone, anywhere to conduct retail.

For Pareteum, the partnership has been instrumental in signing a major new MVNO contract which is expected to be ready to launch services in the next 60 days.