Peerless Network Adds Four Markets

Peerless Network, an edge global communications provider and an Infobip company, announced these markets are operational on Peerless’ IP network:

  • Carbondale/Cairo, Ill. – LATA 362
  • Mattoon, Ill. – LATA 976
  • Springfield, Mo. – LATA 522
  • Lima, Ohio – LATA 923

Infobip acquired Peerless Network in mid-2022. As a global cloud communications platform, Infobip provides omnichannel solutions to facilitate an improved customer experience (CX) worldwide. With strategic objectives of expanding its voice expertise and growing the company’s presence in North America, Peerless was a perfect addition to the Infobip family.

“Since Peerless’ inception, we have always been committed to not only providing our customers with high-quality services but doing so at a very competitive price point. By continuing to expand and enhance our fully IP-based network, we are able to keep more of our customers’ traffic on-net, leading to a lower bill each month,” said Rick Knight, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Peerless Network. “Even more exciting is that Peerless is now part of Infobip, and we are offering our exceptional on-net voice services to Infobip’s customer base.”

Peerless’ Tier 1 network was built from the ground up beginning in 2008. The network carries more than 9 billion minutes of traffic each month, with 4,500 interconnections, service to over 200 LATAs and 99.999 percent reliability.

Peerless has been a successful provider of carrier services, including:

In addition, Peerless offers a line of communications solutions designed for enterprise customers, including: