Pensa Launches Application Enablement Platform

Pensa has formally launched, appointing Tom Joyce as CEO.

The company’s core technology, Pensa Maestro, is a cloud-based system available via channel partners that enables enterprises to rapidly create multi-vendor, multi-platform software-based IT environments to support any application in a secure manner.

“Human errors present the biggest problems for app deployments by creating inconsistencies across infrastructures and causing system outages,” said Edwin Yuen, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Pensa is introducing an innovative industry solution that allows IT managers to spin up a virtual data center within minutes to ensure the complete lifecycle of designing, validating, building and running a new app with much less risk and cost.”

The Maestro platform uses intelligent technology to collapse the cost and time required to design and deploy complete software-defined data centers, including compute, networking, storage, security and applications. The first product available on the Maestro platform is Pensa Lab, an on-demand SaaS offering that customers can use to create virtual IT test labs before deploying applications securely, while eliminating human errors. With Pensa Lab, customers lower lab costs by 55 percent, design their virtual environment three times faster and deliver applications two times faster, the company said.

“Customers must rapidly adopt new cloud-based IT software technologies to stay competitive, but they struggle with the complexity of making all the parts work together,” said Joyce, a former senior executive of Dell, Hewlett-Packard and EMC. “IT managers are under tremendous pressure to deliver multi-cloud flexibility, more secure systems, and DevOps delivery models. Faced with exploding complexity and scale, they can no longer do their jobs without intelligent automation technology.”