PlanetOne Expands Executive Bench with Hire to Lead Supplier Growth

PlanetOne announced business growth leader Karie Atwood is now part of the PlanetOne executive team.

In her new role as Vice President of Supplier Management, Atwood  sets the strategy for engaging with PlanetOne’s 300-plus carriers, service providers and equipment suppliers and has her fingers on the pulse of PlanetOne’s MDF playbook and incentives.

She also is responsible for running PlanetOne’s Preferred Provider Program, which grew by 30 percent last year.

“Karie is at the wheel and working across the organization to keep every carrier, provider and supplier engaged with PlanetOne performing at the top of their game, especially our 30-plus Preferred Providers,” said Ted Schuman, founder and CEO, PlanetOne.

Atwood joined PlanetOne on June 14, bringing with her 16 years of experience in the telecom and IT sector, a reputation for excellence and an undeniable drive for speed, agility and performance – a few key traits pulled in from her more than 13 years of years of racing motocross.

Atwood’s street credibility is backed by a series of impressive wins across business development, co-op marketing and channel sales. She is a trusted colleague, decisive executive and outspoken leader for diversity, equality and inclusion, serving as part of the Channel Partners / Channel Futures community and a member of the Alliance of Channel Women and CompTIA’s Advancing Channel Women.

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