PlanetOne Promotes 2 after ‘Incredible’ Year

PlanetOne founder and CEO Ted Schuman appointed Chris Werpy (pictured) to President and Jake Schuman to Senior Vice President. The news comes after what the company describes as “an incredible year of growth, enablement and success” in PlanetOne’s 30-year history.

“Since 1992, PlanetOne has always differentiated on experience and execution, and operated with a growth mindset that if everything seems under control, we’re not going fast enough,’” said Ted Schuman. “I’m proud to say over the last 18 months with Werpy as COO and Jake focused on the origin and continued advancement of SENTIENT, PlanetOne is faster, stronger and operating with more precision and focus. The positive business impact generated and inspired by these two business leaders runs wide and deep.”

In 2021, the PlanetOne team changed its engagement model, embracing new processes and unveiling SENTIENT, a disruptive, intelligent enterprise-grade sales engagement and enablement platform powered by AI. The moves resulted in a record year that positions PlanetOne for explosive expansion in 2022 and beyond. Among the key highlights:

  • Eclipsing all previous year in sales and income records, as well as new partner recruitment and share of wallet with existing partners and providers.
  • Increasing the average revenue order per partner using SENTIENT by 70 percent.
  • Expanding the PlanetOne staff by 25 percent including the hiring of Karie (Kat) Atwood, vice president of supplier management, PlanetOne.
  • Building out PlanetOne’s provider portfolio by 60 percent across key technology categories including advanced security, collaboration and voice, connectivity, cloud and mobility.
  • Architecting a new PlanetOne Partner Program under the leadership of Atwood.

Werpy joined PlanetOne in July 2020 as COO. His task: Take the team and the business to epic levels of energy and execution. Fast forward 18 months, and Werpy’s fingerprints and “let’s go” mindset are spotted throughout PlanetOne’s operations.

“Werpy took PlanetOne’s team, our partnerships and our entire operations from great to exceptional,” Ted Schuman said. “His leadership can be seen, heard and felt by every stakeholder. Promoting Werpy to President is an absolute honor and comes as no surprise to those close to PlanetOne.”

Jake Schuman joined PlanetOne in 2014 as a Partner Development Manager. Over the years, he took on a variety of roles, learning the business inside and out. In recognition of his growing leadership in operations and innovation. He was promoted to General Manager of the Costa Mesa, Calif., office and Vice President of PlanetOne in January 2020. As a member of the executive leadership team, Jake Schuman conceptualized the ground-breaking BI-infused platform that would “forever change how the company engages and enables their partner and provider ecosystem.”

SENTIENT launched in Sept. 2021—sending waves of insights and actionable sales growth throughout PlanetOne’s partner and provider ecosystem.

“Jake sees solutions and saw the opportunity to disrupt the industry and deliver a business intelligence platform that would introduce a smarter, more forward working way to engage and enable our partners and our providers,” Ted Schuman, said. “SENTIENT has changed our industry for the better, and the exciting part is there’s so much more to come. Congrats to Werpy and Jake on their promotions, and cheers to our entire team and all the partners and providers who do business with PlanetOne.”

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