PlanetOne Redefines Customer Lifecycle Visibility with Sentient

PlanetOne announced the highly anticipated arrival of Sentient. PlanetOne’s new AI-powered, enterprise-grade platform is now generally available to all PlanetOne partners.

“Believe the hype,” said Ted Schuman, CEO, PlanetOne. “Sentient is here and working fast and smart to help our channel partners optimize their operations, better manage the customer experience, collaborate across the ecosystem and win big using amplified business intelligence.”

Designed in-house, the business-building, proprietary platform offers PlanetOne partners real-time visibility and account-based business intelligence across their existing base of customers, as well as prospects.

From sales funnel management to project management to commissions, PlanetOne MSPs, VARs and agents can use Sentient throughout the sales cycle and beyond including marketing, pricing and quoting, as well as uncovering and managing post-sale, cross-sale, up-sale opportunities.

“Sentient is live and working in real time to give our MSPs, VARs and agents access to everything they need to collaborate online, make smarter business decisions and execute,” said Jake Schuman, vice president, PlanetOne and the mastermind behind the platform. “With Sentient online, PlanetOne channel partners gain an exclusive and significant business advantage that empowers them to market, sell and solve with greater confidence – leading to more at bats and wins for everyone.”

Director of Unified Communications at MicroAge Rob Cook said, “In all my years in the channel, I have seen nothing like it.”

Cook participated in the beta testing of Sentient. He continued, “With this new platform, PlanetOne has effectively helped us optimize sales, marketing and support overnight. With Sentient, we’re effortlessly tracking new opportunities and existing projects, Sentient delivers tremendous value that is saving our team time and resources, and helping us generate revenue faster, uncover new opportunities and overall operate more efficiently.”

Crystal Joramo, National Partner Manager for Avaya, added, “What I like best about Sentient is the user-friendly UI. It has a very clean, simple layout with all the functionality partners and vendors can use. It is paramount for us to adequately distribute up-to-date content, videos and incentives to the PlanetOne partner community. Sentient allows us to empower our partners with the right tools and resources so they can better serve their customers.”

Sentient features the tools necessary to elevate partner’s forecasting capabilities. These include:

  • Estimating revenues with an integrated rate sheet and calculator
  • Viewing every opportunity in every stage of the sales lifecycle
  • Seeing the big picture with calculated totals of all opportunities in every stage of the lifecycle by value, provider or product type.

Additionally, because Sentient provides detailed monitoring of each installation site, PlanetOne partners can leverage this data to identify, address and solve for any potential customer issues before they arise.

PlanetOne partners can streamline their networking research through the Atlas feature within Sentient, which maps fiber routing and shows which providers are servicing buildings and other real-estate assets. Partners also can upload bulk addresses, choose only the providers they want to see, and then request a quote – all without leaving Sentient.

Later this year Sentient will add current and historical commissions payments to track trends in monthly revenues.

Sentient enhances customer touchpoints with co-brandable marketing materials. Cutting-edge resources exclusively curated by PlanetOne’s team allow partners to simplify the marketing process for a variety of solutions. Partners pick a document, load personal contact information, and export for easy sharing.

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