Hornetsecurity Launches Security, Backup Service for Microsoft 36

Hornetsecurity has released a solution to provide Microsoft 365 business users with the security and data loss prevention they require.  Microsoft 365’s default protection is not enough: Its built-in email filters let threats through, making it necessary to acquire additional security for data and email communications.

To address this, Hornetsecurity has launched the 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup, which covers all aspects of email and data security.

The holistic cloud security bundle offers an array of high-performance email security and management features including:

  • Multi-level filter systems
  • AI-based analysis mechanisms for protection against spam, malware, and advanced threats
  • Email encryption and archiving
  • Email continuity, which effectively maintains email traffic during system failures
  • Easy-to-create, legally compliant signatures and disclaimers.

To top it all off, 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup enables automatic backup and recovery of an organization’s Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, as well as backing up the data in users’ Windows-based endpoints such as laptops or Windows workstations.

Robust backup and recovery functionality is essential for holistic Microsoft 365 security as data loss occurs not only due to ransomware and malware, but also due to user error – for example, KPMG accidentally but irretrievably deleted the Teams chats of 145,000 employees last year. It is often assumed that Microsoft creates extensive backups of all data, but this is not the case.

365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup is available at https://www.hornetsecurity.com/us/services/365-total-protection-enterprise-backup/.