PLDT Chooses Telarix for Call Routing

PLDT Group has chosen Telarix to automate and bring together PLDT and its mobile subsidiaries, Sun Cellular and Smart Communications, into a unified call routing platform.

PLDT, the largest communications and digital services company in the Philippines, will be utilizing Telarix’s iXTools to create a single unified platform for the routing and trading of voice traffic of its various companies. It will also implement Telarix’s iXLink, a business-to-business exchange platform with a user community of more than 4,000 carriers, to automate PLDT’s fixed and mobile price lists and invoices, and to pre-test routes and ensure quality.

“By bringing its entities together under a shared unified platform, the PLDT group will have a better understanding of all its network components, enabling the entities to work more effectively together in leveraging strategic partnerships and opportunities,” said John Tolton, Telarix AsiaPac vice president of sales. “It will also allow them to choose the most cost-effective service for sending traffic, be it voice, SMS, wholesale, retail, fixed or mobile.”

“Telarix’s unified platform and automation tools will allow us to implement our strategies at a much faster pace,” said PLDT International & Carrier Business senior vice president Alex Caeg. He added, “the use of a single consolidated platform across the networks of the different telecom companies will provide us with unparalleled visibility into our networks and enable us to capitalize on efficiencies and opportunities. We look forward to working with Telarix in optimizing our business.”