Quantum Announces Software Reseller Agreement

Quantum Brilliance, a developer of room-temperature miniaturized quantum computing products and solutions, announced its first quantum software reseller agreement through PTC, a Singapore-based provider of enterprise data management solutions and services to Asia.

The agreement enables PTC customers to explore hybrid classical-quantum computing for enterprise AI applications.

The announcement coincides with Quantum Brilliance’s office opening in Singapore, where the company plans to develop a Quantum Software Centre of Excellence.

PTC customers can purchase Quantum Brilliance’s Qristal Emulator bundled with high-performance NVIDIA DGX systems, which delivers solutions for enterprise AI infrastructure at scale, to design, test and run their own quantum computing solutions locally, without the need for cloud connectivity.

Quantum Brilliance’s Qristal software suite enables R&D teams to explore integrating quantum systems in real-world applications and develop and test novel quantum algorithms designed for quantum accelerators rather than quantum mainframes.

Within the suite, the Qristal Emulator enables users to determine the number of qubits that are required to outperform classical computers in hybrid classical/quantum applications in data centers, aerospace, autonomous vehicles, mobile devices and more.

Quantum solutions developed by customers with Qristal Emulator can be used to find use cases where quantum hardware will deliver “quantum utility” – enhanced performance for useful tasks over classical computers of similar size, weight and power.

PTC was selected as the first NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services partner in Asia Pacific. NVIDIA’s DGX platform combines NVIDIA software, infrastructure and expertise in a modern, unified AI development solution that spans from the cloud to on-premises data centers. With the collaboration, PTC helps clients design and implement AI infrastructure solutions.

PTC plans to approach the manufacturing, logistics and research sectors as they have the most compute-intensive challenges that cannot be solved with classical solutions.

To learn more about Quantum Brilliance, visit www.quantumbrilliance.com.