Query.AI Launches Partner Program to Meet Market Demand

Query.AI, a provider a security investigations control plane for modern enterprises, announced the launch of its Query.AI Partner Alliance Program to help more enterprises access, investigate and respond to cyber threats across cloud, third-party SaaS and on-prem ecosystems.

The program gives customers additional channels from which to purchase the Query.AI security investigations platform while providing alliance partners with a new connective tissue for their security reference architectures.

“For more than 20 years, companies across the cybersecurity industry have tried to create a universal centralized repository so that enterprises could put all their data in one place to streamline security investigations and responses. The approach was conceptually sound when data volumes were small and data sources were primarily from network devices,” said Rob Anderson, vice president of sales for Query.AI.

“Today, data volumes are enormous, and data is highly distributed – it lives in the cloud, with third-party SaaS providers, and on-prem. Organizations everywhere are really struggling to gain visibility and context across these environments, and that is preventing them from quickly, accurately, and cost effectively addressing cybersecurity threats.” Anderson continued. “With our powerful, API-driven platform, companies have access to a unified browser interface that gives them centralized insights to decentralized data, wherever it lives, without duplicating or transferring that data from one environment to another. As a result, companies can accelerate cybersecurity investigations and efficiently respond to threats.”

The Query.AI Partner Alliance Program is designed to build long-term, strategic relationships focused on addressing customer needs in a consultative way. The program empowers partners to build and grow profitable cybersecurity practices through tight collaboration across partner, customer, and Query.AI with:

  • A unique, enterprise solution – The Query.AI security investigations platform gives partners the ability to meet customers’ security operations needs today while laying the foundation for modern security architectures of tomorrow.
  • Go-to-market strategy and support – The Query.AI team has decades of experience helping partners accelerate business growth through deeper engagement with current customers and expanded opportunities into new market segments. Query.AI aligns with its partners at every level of the organization to create strong sales motion synergies and greenfield customer opportunities.
  • Technical support from our experts – Query.AI works with partners throughout the customer lifecycle to deliver the highest possible service levels to drive customer adoption and retention.
  • Dedicated sales-enablement resources – Query.AI is dedicated to enabling its partners to understand and communicate the value of the platform so alliances can engage customers across the buying journey.
  • Co-marketing support – Driven from a collaborative business plan, Query.AI provides resources to create content and execute campaigns that enable its partners to amplify their reach and presence and drive new opportunities.

For information, visit http://www.query.ai.