QuSecure Adds QuProtect Post-Quantum Cryptography Cybersecurity Software to AWS Marketplace

QuSecure, a post-quantum cryptography (PQC) company, released its cutting-edge QuProtect cybersecurity software in AWS Marketplace. This strategic move marks a milestone for QuSecure, as well as the overall PQC market. The rollout extends the reach of QuSecure’s advanced enterprise security software solution to organizations of all sizes that seek robust protection against emerging cyberthreats.

QuSecure is at the forefront of the new PQC market, designed to safeguard sensitive and valuable information in an era where AI and quantum computing pose unprecedented risks to traditional encryption methods. By making QuProtect PQC web application security accessible in AWS Marketplace, QuSecure empowers organizations to fortify their digital defenses easily and seamlessly.

QuSecure’s QuProtect software allows organizations to leverage quantum-resilient technology to prevent cyberattacks, future-proof networks and prepare for quantum cyberthreats. It provides quantum-resilient cryptography, anytime, anywhere and on any device, including network, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), edge devices and satellite communications. Using QuProtect, organizations can implement PQC on the network with minimal disruption to existing systems. QuProtect software uses an end-to-end quantum-security-as-a-service architecture that addresses the digital ecosystem’s most vulnerable aspects, uniquely combining zero-trust, next-generation post-quantum-cryptography, crypto agility, quantum-strength keys, high availability and active defense. The end-to-end approach is designed to protect the entire information lifecycle as data is communicated, used and stored.

Benefits include:

  • Global Accessibility: By offering QuProtect PQC in AWS Marketplace, QuSecure ensures that organizations worldwide can effortlessly access and implement state-of-the-art post-quantum cryptographic solutions.
  • Ease of Procurement: AWS Marketplace streamlines the procurement process, allowing organizations to acquire QuProtect PQC licenses efficiently and integrate the software seamlessly into their existing cybersecurity infrastructure.
  • Flexible Licensing Options: QuSecure offers flexible licensing options in AWS Marketplace, enabling organizations to choose the most suitable plan based on their specific security needs and budget constraints.
  • Timely Updates and Support: Through AWS Marketplace, QuSecure can provide timely updates and customer support, ensuring that organizations always have access to the latest features and assistance when needed.

“AWS Marketplace represents a powerful platform with a vast and diverse user base,” said Dr. Garrison Buss, CSO for QuSecure. “By making QuProtect available on AWS, we are not only expanding our market presence, but we are bringing simple adoption of critical orchestrated, post-quantum cryptography to cloud-first organizations.”

Brian Lottman, Senior Director for Program Management for QuSecure, added, “This move aligns with our mission to empower organizations and individuals with the crypto-agile tools they need to protect their digital assets in an increasingly complex threat landscape.”

For more info on QuSecure’s partner program, visit here.