Radvision Debuts eVident Video Conferencing Management Suite

It’s an era of multiple types of endpoints and networks when it comes to enterprise video conferencing—requiring refreshed approaches to network and endpoint management. Radvision is tackling video conferencing assurance with the launch of eVident, a package of video network readiness and monitoring tools.

eVident offers intelligent monitoring that allows enterprises and service providers to ensure network readiness before and after voice and video applications are deployed. eVident also provides continuous network monitoring of media to ensure Quality of Experience (QoE) for users and to detect faults that may affect application usage.

With desktop and mobile video conferencing – both premises and cloud-based –driving mass video adoption, enterprises and service providers alike are taking measures to ensure their networks are voice and video-ready. eVident delivers software-based network monitoring that helps organizations avoid network degradation that results in poor or distorted images or audio, packet loss and delay.

“Video conferencing has expanded far beyond the executive board room and onto users’ desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones,” said Ira Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. “This is very good news for business productivity, but can be overwhelming to enterprise data networks and network administrators.”

To address the issue—and to help its channel partners have a solution to offer network administrators—Radvision has launched a functionality dubbed PreVideo. This allows network administrators to test their networks and determine if they are ready for VoIP and HD video conferencing prior to deployment. PreVideo emulates voice and video systems and can simulate hundreds of calls simultaneously – enabling administrators to determine the impact of video prior to making significant endpoint investments. Through test results, recommendations are determined for network enhancements to prevent problems before they occur.

Real-time Voice and Video Monitoring (RVMON) meanwhile delivers real-time QoE monitoring through continuous collecting and analysis of audio and video metrics of conferences throughout the entire installation. Bandwidth monitoring helps define bottlenecks, usage trends and traffic routing patterns; QoE reports enable administrators to determine adaptive and corrective actions for continuous optimization of the user experience.

VQInsider meanwhile provides in-depth measurement and analysis of the user experience for quantification of voice and video quality. Through detailed reports from non-intrusive examination of network and audio/video codec parameters, VQInsider determines the cause of quality issues and defines improvement options, enabling organizations to develop and maintain HD video conferencing applications and services.

“Radvision eVident enables organizations to pre-assess the readiness of their network for IP audio and video traffic, and supports ongoing, real-time monitoring of the data network and audio/video experience,” said Weinstein. “eVident helps take the guesswork out of IP audio and video deployments while ensuring a high quality video experience in even the largest deployments.”


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