RCN, Grande and Wave Announce Reorganized Business Solutions Team

RCN, Grande and Wave has announced new leadership appointments in its Business Solutions division.

The team now includes:

  • Joe Torraca, vice president of business solutions – eastern region;
  • Ted White, vice president of business solutions – central region;
  • David Lampkin, vice president of business solutions – western region;
  • Glenn Calafati, vice president of commercial product; and
  • Gus Chimos, vice president of business sales operations.

Supporting the Business Solutions team are Bree Urban, chief legal counsel, and John Mark Duncan,  vice president of finance.

These appointments join Paul Koss, previously announced as senior vice president of carrier and wholesale for the combined operations of RCN, Grande and Wave.

Torraca, White and Lampkin were each named vice president of sales to serve the combined company’s new cohesive nationwide approach, consisting of three regions – eastern, central and western.

Joe Torraca, a leader at RCN for more than seven years with a telecom career spanning 30 years, is serving the eastern region. Ted White, an industry veteran with 25 years’ experience, will serve the Central region.

David Lampkin, a telecom pro with more than 20 years’ experience joins the team from Wave and will lead the western region.

Additionally, Glenn Calafati joined the company as vice president of product management in late 2018, bringing more than 30 years of product, marketing, and development experience to the team.

Rounding out the leadership team is Gus Chimos, an industry veteran of more than 20 years with experience in product, operations and sales, who will serve as vice president of business sales operations.

“When RCN, Grande and Wave joined forces, we brought together the telecom industry’s top talent,” said Jim Holanda, CEO of RCN, Grande and Wave. “The leadership team we’ve assembled for business solutions is smart, innovative and dedicated to surpassing the expectations of our customers. We are looking forward to continuing on this path of growth and collaboration with the business community.”