Redbooth, Cisco Spark Integrate for UC

Redbooth has announced an integration with Cisco Spark to unite task-centric Redbooth workspaces and communications-centric Cisco Spark rooms.

Through this integration, users can now work simultaneously in both Redbooth and Cisco Spark to seamlessly communicate and collaborate.

Redbooth’s task management visibility can be customized in a variety of views, including standard task lists, Kanban boards and Gantt charts via the newly introduced Timeline view. Updates to tasks tracked by Redbooth are then automatically added to the associated Cisco Spark room. This means that important information can drop right into the place where teams are already sharing messages, using voice and voice communications, and launching meetings.

“Redbooth already makes everything actionable, trackable, and reportable, and with this new integration, you bring that level of accountability right into your team communications in Cisco Spark,” said Jordi Romero, vice president of business development and platform for Redbooth. “Redbooth takes the Cisco Spark collaboration experience to a new level of productivity where teams are able to track work in a way that is visible and transparent, and drive to productive outcomes faster.”

“Cisco Spark is transforming how teams collaborate, bringing them together in a place that makes it easy to keep people and work connected, said Jason Goecke, general manager, Tropo Business Unit at Cisco. “Further customizing and differentiating this experience, our open APIs enable business critical apps to integrate with Cisco Spark. As a solution that also enhances the productivity of teams, we are excited to add Redbooth to our growing ecosystem of apps that extend the value of Cisco Spark.”