Redpill Linpro Becomes WSO2 VAR for Scandinavia

Redpill Linpro and WSO2 have extended their partnership. Under the new agreement, Redpill Linpro is now a WSO2 value-added reseller (VAR).

As a VAR, Redpill Linpro will expand its collaboration with WSO2 in delivering open source technology solutions that support customers’ API-first initiatives to enable distributed development of APIs and simplify data access for internal or external innovation.

Additionally, the company will implement campaigns to increase awareness of the WSO2 platform across Scandinavia.

Redpill Linpro is a long-time partner of WSO2 that has acted as a global training provider and systems integrator. The company has assisted customers in North America, Asia and Europe in utilizing WSO2’s technology through training, and it provides customers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden with implementation services and support.

Together, the Redpill Linpro API Ready Model and WSO2’s platform deliver a highly competitive offering to assist customers with API-first initiatives that support the distributed development and ecosystem innovation required to address the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation era.

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