RingByName Offers Cloud Integration with Avaya Legacy PBX

RingByName has a product that fully integrate its cloud-based product with any SIP-enabled Avaya phone system. The trademarked RingByName Bridge is a solution for businesses that want to preserve its on-premise AVAYA phone system, and which have a need to grow its phone users beyond its capacity without hardware upgrades and additional licensing.

Whether it is an expansion of branch offices beyond the hardware limitations of a system, expanded call center capacity and features, or enabling a remote workforce, RingByName Bridge allows users to add cloud features to  Avaya. Deployment is easy and fast.

“This is a game changer for enterprises using legacy Avaya on-premise systems which need to add additional functionality or expansion into the cloud without costly upgrades to their PBX,” said Kooi Lim, RingByName’s CEO. “According to Gartner Research, the replacement market for legacy Avaya legacy systems is $15 billion. This product aims to extend the life of those systems and provide additional functionality for these systems.”

The RingByName Bridge technology integrates RingByName cloud PBX and any AVAYA phone system that has SIP capabilities to interconnect. It integrates features like extension to extension dialing, intersystem transfers, reporting and analytics while improving users’ experience and lowering costs.

For information, contact RingByName at 855-345-7464 or email at sales@ringbyname.com.