RingCentral Adds HIPAA Compliance to Glip UC

RingCentral is extending its communications solutions offering to healthcare organizations by now offering the RingCentral Glip unified communications offering as a HIPAA-compliant conduit.

With team messaging, conferencing, file-sharing and task management, the channel-friendly offering enables healthcare professionals to securely communicate and collaborate with their patients and colleagues.

As an integrated capability of the RingCentral Office solution, healthcare organizations can leverage Glip functionality to share confidential files, message team members, update tasks and manage calendars, ensuring customers’ electronic protected health information (ePHI) data is protected in all forms.

“We’re thrilled to roll out our first ever team messaging solution to our fast-growing ChartSpan team,” said Patrick Carter, co-founder and chief medical officer at ChartSpan Medical Technologies. “RingCentral Office has been vital in streamlining our communications, both within our offices and with patients. With RingCentral Glip, physicians, nurses and management staff now have the ability to send confidential information quickly, securely and easily, allowing us to deliver the best possible patient care, all while complying with HIPAA/HITRUST security requirements.”

From primary care facilities to outpatient clinics, healthcare professionals will have a centralized source for task management. This enables providers to remain current and stay on schedule in order to deliver stronger results—without relying on outdated communications solutions such as fax and hard copies, currently commonplace for most facilities. By organizing and protecting files in a user-friendly, mobile-first interface, medical offices, outpatient clinics and mobile healthcare professionals will be able to communicate on any device with the reassurance of HIPAA/HITRUST security safeguards.

“In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, every company needs to communicate in real-time across teams and departments,” said Kira Makagon, executive vice president of innovation at RingCentral. “Because of the sensitivities around patient data, the healthcare industry has been left behind when it comes to the latest communications solutions. Being a HIPAA-compliant conduit, RingCentral Glip provides healthcare providers the ability to access additional tools they need to promote greater patient satisfaction and productivity across their workforce.”

Key capabilities and healthcare use cases of RingCentral Glip include:

  • Workflow Collaboration:  Ability to streamline workflow on tasks that typically take a long time to resolve. For example, providers can create a RingCentral Glip team to track problematic insurance claims, yielding faster claim resolution and improvement in reducing future errors to have claims paid sooner.
  • Content Sharing:  Real-time discussion and sharing of articles about relevant medical research, business best practices, health insurance contracts, patient records, etc.
  • Patient Engagement:  Healthcare staff can communicate patient care needs to physicians through RingCentral Glip so patients can immediately be contacted through click-to-call within Glip, speeding up response time and enhancing the patient experience.
  • Task Management:  Manage assignments through RingCentral Glip tasks, where supervisors and staff can assign projects and deadlines to stay on track with work.
  • Calendaring:  Shared group calendar makes it easier for healthcare staff to view peer availability and schedule patient appointments/calls.

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