SailPoint Announces Intent to Acquire Intello

SailPoint Technologies has announced its intent to acquire Intello, an early-stage SaaS management company that helps organizations to discover, manage, and secure SaaS applications, particularly the “shadow access” that is currently outside of IT’s purview.

This pairing will address a current lack of visibility into what SaaS apps exist across today’s digital business combined with the critical need to properly manage and secure access to these apps for all workers. As a result, SailPoint’s Identity Platform will give IT teams a seamless process from discovery to governance, ensuring every newly-discovered SaaS app (and data within) is protected with the right identity security controls.

With Intello, SailPoint will enable organizations to shine a light on ungoverned SaaS apps that lie hidden across the business and then extend the right security controls to ensure only the right people have access to those apps.

This will provide greater visibility and control over what data these SaaS apps are accessing, what information they may be importing and whether or not they are configured properly. And, when SailPoint’s artificial intelligence capabilities are combined with the detailed usage data and analytics that Intello provides, customers will begin to benefit from new types of identity security recommendations–helping them better secure their SaaS applications and improve compliance.