Searchlight Security Begins Rebrand to Searchlight Cyber

Searchlight Cyber, a dark web intelligence company, announced its rebrand from Searchlight Security, aligning its legal entity in the United Kingdom (Searchlight Cyber Ltd) and the United States (Searchlight Cyber LLC). The name change is accompanied by the launch of a changed visual identity including a new company logo, website and an update to its product design.

Searchlight Cyber’s new website is designed to be a knowledge base for security professionals to learn more about the emerging field of dark web threat intelligence. Enterprises, law enforcement and MSSPs can navigate and access resources easily on how to combat dark web threats including reports, webinars, videos, blogs, case studies and more.

Searchlight Cyber CEO Ben Jones said, “Since we launched five years ago, we have been on a fast-growth trajectory, and this has never been more apparent than in 2022. In this year alone, our headcount has increased by more than 150 percent, we have grown our customer base in both the U.K. and U.S., and we’ve launched exciting capabilities in our products. This new brand reflects the maturity of the company and our mission to help protect society from dark web threats, with our new website in particular geared around the value and insight that we can deliver to our customers.”

Searchlight Cyber’s Ransomware Search and Insights is among the many product announcements the company has made this year. The enhancement to Searchlight’s Cerberus platform provides enterprises and law enforcement with a consolidated view of the dark web activity of ransomware groups to help them understand better and protect themselves from one of the most persistent threats in cybersecurity.

The product’s supporting threat intelligence report, Dark Web Profiles: The Most Prolific Ransomware Groups of 2022, is one of the many resources that can be accessed on the new Searchlight Cyber website.

For more information on the rebrand, read the blog Introducing Searchlight Cyber on the rationale behind the company’s new website and visual identity.