Simbian Emerges From Stealth with Funding to Build Autonomous GenAI Security Platform

Simbian emerged from stealth mode with oversubscribed $10 million seed funding to bring-to-market a GenAI-powered security co-pilot that integrates secure and intelligent AI solutions into business operations. The co-pilot continuously observes user actions and environments, learning to autonomously perform sophisticated tasks on its own.

Simbian is committed to making security fully autonomous by delegating the tactical tasks to its trusted AI platform, allowing users to focus on strategic security goals.

The company received an initial investment from security and AI-focused investors Cota Capital, Icon Ventures, Firebolt and Rain Capital. Its founding team comprises AI researchers and security veterans that create security products in broad use across enterprises today. They also, Simbian noted, have over 150 patents across LLMs, cloud computing, encryption, scalable architecture, transistors and hardware design.

“Traditional approaches to security automation no longer suffice in today’s dynamic environments,” said Cota Capital partner, Aditya Singh. “Talent is getting scarce, and at the same time, threat vectors are getting more complex. A fully autonomous security platform presents a big opportunity in the global cybersecurity market. … Simbian is a leader in the field, using a deep understanding of the nuance and context of security automation that learns with AI and gets smarter and deeper over time.​ Simbian’s founding team has a uniquely proven background, having built NVIDIA GPUs, confidential computing, and leading cloud security solutions. We are thrilled to join Simbian in the journey to fully autonomous security.”

Additionally, 15 business leaders back the company, including advisors Olivier Pomel (co-founder and CEO, Datadog), Pankaj Patel (co-founder and CEO, Nile), Diogo Monica (co-founder and CEO, Anchorage Digital), Joe Sullivan (former CSO with Facebook, Uber and CloudFlare), Bharat Shah (former CVP, Microsoft Security), Suresh Batchu (co-founder and COO, Seraphic), Paul Albright (operating partner, Goldman Sachs), Pierre Lamond (Silicon Valley investor) and Gokul Rajaram (board member, Coinbase and Pinterest).