Skyflow, Plaid Partner to Help Prioritize Privacy, Offer Data Protection

Skyflow announced a partnership with Plaid, a data network that powers the tools millions of people rely on to live healthier financial lives. The partnership will make it easier for developers to build applications with data privacy infrastructure via a simple API.

This brings together Plaid’s network of more than 12,000 financial institutions with Skyflow’s Data Privacy Vault offering, making it easy for customers to build powerful fintech applications with best-of-breed data privacy, security, and compliance.

Together with Skyflow’s and Plaid’s developer-first approaches to digital finance and privacy, customers can focus on building, bringing to market, and scaling their core products.

With Plaid, fintechs can enable their users to connect their financial accounts to share financial data. The resulting influx of PII that enable fintechs to provide services to their users also presents a new task: how to protect and store that sensitive information. The partnership offers a simple solution. As a Plaid data privacy solutions partner, Skyflow will offer pre-built connections to Plaid products and a predefined vault schema for Plaid customers.

With the schema, developers and users can know the accessed financial data via Plaid will be stored securely in the Skyflow Data Privacy Vault.

Designed by developers for developers, Skyflow makes it easy to implement an approach to data privacy without sacrificing usability or a ton of resources. Skyflow also has existing infrastructure in place to support several partners in the Plaid ecosystem, including pre-built integrations with Visa, Moov, Marqeta and more.

Skyflow offers a Data Privacy Vault delivered as an API and it has achieved Level 1 PCI compliance. It can be deployed quickly and provides a complete, customizable solution for compliance, data security, governance, global data residency, secure data sharing and analytics as well as encryption/tokenization.

Skyflow’s Data Privacy Vault supports modern financial services use cases, including:

  • Customer Onboarding
  • Customer Data Management
  • Money Movement
  • Card Issuance and Acceptance

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