SkySwitch Introduces Teams Connector

SkySwitch has introduced Teams Connector, making it possible to combine Microsoft Teams functionality with SkySwitch’s robust cloud communications platform.

The Teams Connector simplifies calling, messaging, and collaboration, putting it all together in one easy-to-deploy and set-up application interface that is a registered endpoint connected to the Skyswitch Cloud PBX.

SkySwitch resellers can now offer their customers the best of both worlds in one package that integrates the two services and is made accessible through the Teams softphone. By combining Microsoft Teams, and its full-function softphone, with SkySwitch’s advanced cloud communications services, customers will have what they have come to expect from their resellers, all in one easy-to-use package.

With Teams Connector, SkySwitch has enabled resellers to offer their customers both extension-to-extension dialing and PSTN calling and end-user portal management within the Microsoft Teams desktop, web, and mobile client applications. The integration also offers resellers’ customers the full collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams that is available to them as Microsoft licensed customers.

As a result, Teams Connector provides resellers the opportunity to increase revenue, ease interoperability and continue to maintain their customers’ telecommunication needs by eliminating the either-or approach of using either Teams or the SkySwitch white-label service they sell over the other.

Once a SkySwitch reseller has deployed the Teams Connector to a customer, the end-user can make full use of the native dialer found inside the Teams application with full control of the advanced PBX features SkySwitch offers and the complementary collaboration, calling, and messaging features of Teams. Everything from softkeys to portal access, notifications, star codes, and queueing become more accessible without leaving Microsoft Teams.