SonicWall Acquires Cloud Security Provider Banyan Security to Bolster SASE

SonicWall, a global cybersecurity company, purchased security service edge (SSE) solutions provider Banyan Security. The acquisition of this company, which targets the “modern workforce,” strengthens Sonicwall’s portfolio by adding Zero Trust security. Zero Trust, SonicWall noted, is relied upon by leading fortune 100 companies and small businesses that are replacing legacy architectures for SSE solutions such as Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

“Cybersecurity’s focus is shifting to more dynamic solutions that can adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of threats in the cloud age,” said SonicWall President and CEO, Bob Vankirk. “For years, firewalls have been the cornerstone of cybersecurity defenses. However, with the rise of cloud computing and secure access service edge, the industry is shifting its focus to more comprehensive and flexible approaches that include SSE and ZTNA as a necessity. Together, SonicWall and Banyan Security will provide cloud-based secure access service edge solutions that empower partners to deliver a security architecture for any stage of their customers’ evolving cloud journey.”

Banyan’s technology will further extend SonicWall’s portfolio to the cloud, providing partners and their customers with more flexibility. The acquisition aligns with SonicWall’s “best of suite” strategy that includes network, endpoint, wireless, cloud email and threat intelligence — under a single, multi-tenant portal. The platform also simplifies workflows and offers unified threat visibility, enabling service providers and end users to focus on what truly matters.

“For decades, SonicWall has played a pivotal role in supporting their partners by delivering leading cybersecurity solutions,” said Joshua Skeens, CEO of Logically, a valued SonicWall partner. “They’re now extending that to the cloud as the demand for cloud-first strategies is evident. As businesses embark on their cloud journey, they will require hybrid deployments which SonicWall is ideally positioned to provide, and we are excited to be working alongside SonicWall as we empower businesses to thrive in this new era.”

With hybrid and remote employees working from their homes, virtual offices and coffee shops while accessing critical business applications across increasingly complex networks, a new set of challenges has emerged. To secure this ever-growing and interconnected access surface, organizations have been driven to adopt Zero Trust models to modernize security, often as a replacement for legacy architectures.

The announcement comes on the heels of SonicWall’s acquisition of Solutions Granted, which helped arm the channel with the latest managed detection and response services tailor-made for Managed Service Providers and Managed Security Service Providers.

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