Spectrum Enterprise Launches Flexible, Managed Network Solution

Spectrum Enterprise, a part of Charter Communications Inc., has launched Managed Network Edge (MNE), a managed network solution based on the Cisco Meraki cloud-based platform, that simplifies the implementation and management of single and multi-location local area networks (LAN)/wide area networks (WAN).

Designed for mid-market and large enterprises, MNE is packaged with nationwide network connectivity options, several modular, extensible service add-ons, user portal and management and support 24/7.

The MNE base solution includes managed routing, security and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) powered by Cisco Meraki. In addition, proactive monitoring, 24/7/365 support, service level agreements (SLAs) and professional installation and a single, integrated user portal for real-time monitoring are all part of the base MNE solution.

Additional, extensible services include WiFi, network switches and smart cameras. MNE is offered as a packaged solution that integrates connectivity and Unified Communications (UC) options and can be delivered nationally.

Spectrum Enterprise offers MNE as a modular solution that can scale as a business grows by providing a smooth transition between network upgrades. Based on its current needs, a business can design its network and activate a suite of managed services – all for a monthly cost. As business needs change, additional connectivity options or add-on services can be integrated into the existing MNE solution. The centralized, cloud-based user portal provides user and application analytics to monitor user activity and traffic across the network.

By combining the Spectrum Enterprise Unified Communications (UC) service with MNE, businesses will have multiple options for redundant connections for the UC service. Traffic-shaping gives UC applications priority on each network interface to ensure that voice and video are prioritized over lower-priority network traffic. By adding the Managed Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch service, IT professionals will have a full view of end-to-end voice and video performance from the desktop to the external network connections.