Speedscale Demonstrates Kubernetes Performance with Google Cloud

Speedscale, the Kubernetes traffic replay company that can simulate production conditions, announces it has achieved expertise in cloud-native application development as part of Google’s Partner Advantage Program.  Achieving this means Speedscale has demonstrated customer success with Google Cloud.

Nylas, a communications platform-as-a-service company, used Speedscale’s traffic replay capabilities to optimize its cloud price-performance ratio and deliver quality releases at scale. Using Speedscale, Nylas proved:

  • Google’s Tau VMs with GKE delivers more than 40 percent better price performance than its current cloud architecture.
  • Email synchronization, the highest throughput part of their SaaS offering, improved 30 times as part of its migration and continuous testing.

“Nylas needed modern observability and QA tools to deliver highly performant, quality releases, at the speed of cloud-native, which Speedscale allows us to do with confidence,” said David Ting, Nylas’ senior VP engineering, product and CISO.  “With every new feature and every delivery, our developers add new nodes and microservices, more API integrations and more interdependencies that – without proper testing – could easily trigger a breakdown in API communications. Fortunately for Nylas and our customers, Speedscale provides fast API performance benchmarking and testing needed to satisfy customer demand.”

Unit, UI and manual testing are the industry standards. Yet according to the 2019 State of DevOps Report by DORA, the types of incidents that bring down production systems often are “caused by interactions between components.”

The majority of quality automation still requires an author to create each test case and maintain them, which slows delivery. By leveraging traffic to auto-generate tests and environments, Speedscale allows users to exercise their APIs on GKE and keep pace with development. A user also can multiply traffic to simulate high load to test Google’s Autopilot and ensure auto-scaling performs as expected.

To learn more about Speedscale’s Expertise in cloud-native application development, visit https://cloud.google.com/find-a-partner/partner/speedscale-inc.