Splunk Enhances Global Partner+ Program

Splunk has announced new enhancements to its Partner+ Program along with key metrics on the program’s growth over the last year.

The latest round of updates includes the launch of Splunk’s new online Partner+ Portal, addition of the Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program and Technology Alliance Program (TAP), and new discount and rebate structures for partners. Upcoming enhancements to the Partner+ Portal also include new landscape analysis and self-service web tools, all aimed at providing a more seamless user experience and enhanced market insights for partner sales.

To date, Splunk said that it has 950 total partner organizations across 75 countries; 3,000+ active portal users and 700+ new users in the six weeks since the Partner+ Portal launch; and 900+ new partner deal registrations completed since the new Portal launch.

As Splunk’s oldest partner in Australia and New Zealand, we recognized the value of Splunk for our customers very early on. Our customers needed a platform that would analyze and visualize machine data from all levels of the IT stack, and legacy solutions fell flat,” said Munsoor Khan, director, DNA Connect. “Partnering with Splunk has been great for our business, with the positive adoption rate having a direct impact on the size of our company and the number of channel partners we serve – zero in 2008 to nearly 100 today. The past nine years of collaboration with Splunk have been an amazing journey and we are excited to see what comes next.”