Sponsored Content: Bicom Systems — Selling WFH Solutions … While Literally Working from Home!

We all know our favorite acronym, WFH (Work From Home). The term has been around for many years and is also known as remote work, hybrid work, and teleworking. As this working option increases, it is estimated that the total number of U.S. remote workers is expected to approximately double 2019’s figures (16.8 million), hitting 36.2 million employees by 2025.

With more people than ever working from home, organizations stand to benefit from the implementation, use, and even sale of collaboration and conferencing options such as those made available from providers like Bicom Systems.

Businesses are discovering the benefits of showing video conferencing solutions, such as gloCOM Meeting, while on a video conference with prospective buyers. The various video and screen sharing options can be seen in real-time to answer any questions buyers may have of the product.

Unified Communications (UC) options such as gloCOM help foster collaboration and communication while simultaneously helping to complete tasks and accomplish workflow, regardless of one’s physical location. When physical brick-and-mortar offices are temporarily closed and restrictions are increasing, it only makes sense to
embrace the very secure applications that help to support remote environments.

Pros Versus Cons

In the ultimate balance sheet, today’s organization with WFH resellers needs to weigh the benefits against the pitfalls of having one’s staff working remotely while using – and promoting the benefits of – strong WFH applications.

Potential at-home positives such as improved flexibility, saved time and investment, employee satisfaction and time-management benefits can help promote long-term, effective sales. At the same time, workers who struggle with work/life separation and less personal contact should not be ignored.

Benefit: Convenience

Bicom Systems has conducted extensive research and worked to integrate open-source options to make its products more usable and applicable, regardless of the work environment in which they may be added. Bicom Systems also combines its proprietary software with open standards-based telephony to offer its customers the
most appropriate turnkey options, regardless of the business type, sector, client need or geographic limitation.

Its goal is to “liberate the world from traditional communication systems.” Its strategy is to produce “quality systems” while building “solid, lasting relationships with local partners” to achieve the “farthest and fastest reach” for its products.

Benefit: Familiarity

In a proper WFH setting, one of the most significant benefits of showing WFH products off to potential customers is that it enhances the breadth of one’s product understanding.

Additional Benefits

Bicom Systems focuses on cultivating long-term partnerships, offers access to a dedicated account manager and provides pre-sales support, references and other advisory services to help one’s resale efforts to succeed best.

To promote reseller success, Bicom Systems also offers access to custom-crafted pricing discounts to its various resellers – both standard and certified – and its product distributors. At the same time, they extend a unique training program dedicated to helping their partners fully versed in the intricacies of its products, with training staff available on a 24×7 basis to answer any questions that arise.

WFH Sales Tips

Regardless of the physical location in which one works, the strategy behind selling products from Bicom Systems and other companies remains the same. Some sound tips include:

  • Using all available communications tools, including personal devices and software from companies such as Bicom Systems
  • Employing video, voice and messaging technology.
  • Setting preordained hours each day for sales-related activities, then following that routine.
  • Acknowledging partner victories.
  • Relying on pre-packaged campaigns.
  • Using enterprise social networking tools.
  • Investing in time without becoming obsessed with results.