Sponsored Content: Bicom Systems to Add Business MMS Features to gloCOM

In today’s texting-crazy world, multimedia messaging services (MMS) have become
commonplace for consumers … and their teenagers at home. MMS has evolved to become the de facto standard for sending not just traditional texts but images, videos, GIF files and other forms of multimedia content between devices.

Each year, more than five billion[i] individuals exchange multimedia messages, with 292 million in North America alone. This statistic – paired with the fact that 98 percent[ii] of MMS correspondences are received and read within three minutes of delivery – demonstrates the service’s potential for ensuring that messages are delivered, read and remembered.

With these factors in mind, it is logical that the business world would follow suit in adapting MMS services.

Business MMS Applications

In a corporate environment, multimedia messages provide the organization and its customer with a quick, efficient method for communication. No longer is the service restricted just to text or picture attachments; companies can field queries, fulfill service requests and provide access to crucial documents with just the press of a button. At the same time, clients potentially gain expedited access to customer service, sales and support teams.

The primary advantage that business MMS provides is the real-time transmission of information via virtually any device. This element applies across most business sectors and supports the transfer of estimates, contracts, invoices, receipts, certifications, timesheets, tax forms, insurance claims, and dozens of other critical documents. Plus, both parties can potentially view, save, edit and re-send files as necessary.

Organizations can turn to MMS from the marketing perspective to increase engagement, bolster sales, reach more users, and streamline processes. The service also integrates within a complete Unified Communications (UC) environment – such as Bicom Systems’ gloCOM – consolidating voice, video and fax from a single business line.

Business MMS Benefits

Potential benefits[iii] to the organization include:

  • Increase Productivity
    • Insert custom subject lines to preview messages and assist searches.
    • Send essential documents like tickets, contracts, or proposals.
    • Send embedded links within text or images such as maps.
  • Improved Customer Support – Often, users find it easier to understand pictures or
    videos over text. Businesses can help their customers more efficiently by sending
    photographs, screenshots, videos, and more using MMS.
  • Boost Marketing Activities – With MMS, businesses can send deals and promotions in
    a flashier way than email. Send a text more attractively with pictures and light
    information regarding your sale. Include the link to the sale, and indeed it will have a
    higher open rate than email!
  • Advance Security
    • Location Data – Includes physical location details for use with a device’s
      embedded GPS function.
    • Private Contact -Businesses can reach out to their customers securely with a
      business phone number to save in their contacts. Often, hackers try to
      impersonate company emails. Using MMS to communicate will ensure your
      customers do not fall for any spam messages because they can confirm it is
      really you.

Check Out MMS Features for gloCOM!

gloCOM is a UC software set for taking one’s business communications to a “whole new level.” The app integrates with the company’s PBXware VoIP Telephony Platform to bolster
communications and collaboration. gloCOM includes extensive support for integrated IP
phones, softphones, conferencing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, faxes, file transfers and messaging.

With this extensive support, it seems only logical that users should also be able to access MMS elements as well. The app already employs SMS to let businesses send and receive text messages from a desktop, with additional options for viewing delivery/read receipt status. Plus, administrators can track all incoming and outgoing messages from the Message Detail Record in PBXware, an element that supports streamlined billing.
Thus, Bicom Systems offers a comprehensive package that supports SMS, instant messaging, audio, video, meetings, faxes, conferences, CRM software, elements for maintaining an online presence and … MMS, all via a single desktop app!

Are you interested in learning more about Bicom Systems? Contact their sales team today!

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