Sponsored Content: Top Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Cloud Storage

Even though cloud services are technically based on a technology that has been around for decades, they have grown greatly in notoriety in recent years. This model – which is popularly referred to as “the cloud” – has evolved to become the darling of companies looking to streamline how (and how easily) they can access information.

Of course, a large part of this shift could be related to the global pandemic. During this time of immense hardship for many in-office workers, organizations often came to see cloud storage for its potential to deliver remote work solutions, safely store documents and provide access / sharing / collaboration features to its users.

In this scope, Bicom Systems’ SERVERware cloud storage makes accessing these benefits simpler than ever! The virtualization platform was created to host both telephony and Unified Communications software, while also streamlining access to IP-based applications.

Regardless of whether your work environment is completely remote, in-office or in between, cloud services such as SERVERware seem to have the answer.

Why should one prioritize cloud storage for their organization?

Cost Efficiency

Cloud deployments are based on the concept of “pay-per-use.” This architecture cuts overhead cost and spending, whether on software, infrastructure, hardware or other equipment. Coincidentally, the model can also eliminate the need for most repairs and maintenance. Cloud services also support cutbacks in physical facilities and energy consumption. Plus, the “pay-as-you-go” concept restricts charges only to those incurred, based on information quantity and user numbers.


Because critical data is no longer kept on one’s physical machines, residing on one’s network or housed at the office, many headaches that come with maintaining and providing access to data are instead passed on to the provider. Info is essentially universally viewable to anyone pre-approved to access, edit or collaborate.

And, more remarkably, a cloud storage model supports the “Bring-Your-Own-Device” (BYOD) movement, whereby virtually any pre-approved electronic device can be used to perform such actions!


One of the defining features of the cloud is that admins can increase or decrease IT coverage as needed. Elements such as quantities of users, data amounts and speed can be customized – often in real time – to meet your organization’s specific performance targets.


Until as recently as 2020, probably the most-pressing concern for cloud-storage users has been security. However, with a drastic market shift toward remote workers and access, those concerns have been at least somewhat alleviated.

Recent developments in cloud security have included new customizable technology for protecting one’s most critical remote data and infrastructure, rendering them about as safe as the employees who are granted access. Plus, there are newer developments in authentication and filtering.

SERVERware, is offered in three editions known as Standalone, Mirror, and Cluster, each ideal for supporting fault tolerance and high availability to keep information safe.

Geo Redundancy

Essentially, geo-redundancy seeks to promise that data is ALWAYS available, even in the face of natural or man-made disaster. This feature, soon to be found in the newest release of SERVERware, allows user’s data to be kept at two different locations, making them even more accessible!


There are dozens of reasons why you should prioritize cloud storage.

One of the most significant justifications is the ability to streamline work, make information more accessible and collaborate with others – at a distance – while keeping critical information available only to those who should have access.

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Laura Kyle is a social media associate for Bicom Systems (www.bicomsystems.com).