Star2Star Kicks Custom Harley-Davidson Integration Into High Gear

Star2Star Communications has announced a custom integration with Harley-Davidson’s dealership CRM platform, HigherGear. This was completed leveraging StarPaaS, Star2Star’s integration platform as a service that enables rapid custom development.

SB Atlantic Communications, a Star2Star partner, initiated the custom integration in order to maintain operations with Harley-Davidson’s legacy TDM system. Since this functionality was not supported by other VoIP and unified communications as a service systems, SB Atlantic and Harley-Davidson sought an alternative solution.

Star2Star connected Harley-Davidson’s CRM, HigherGear, to the on-premise StarBox Voice Optimized SD-WAN. This allows the capturing of call detail record (CDR) information including caller ID, date, time, and duration of calls, in order to gain takeaways about the customer base automatically in order to elevate the customer experience.

“Star2Star executed the integration perfectly,” Bill Wnukowski, president at SB Atlantic Communications. “They sent out professional services who performed a flawless integration and made the customer very happy.”

Michelle Accardi, president and chief revenue officer at Star2Star, added: “StarPaaS elevates Star2Star’s full-spectrum capabilities by providing customers the ultimate  flexibility to integrate communications into their current workflows. Not only do we offer the world’s most complete cloud communications solution, including unparalleled call quality and advanced unified communications features, but with our technology, we can quickly and easily develop and configure completely custom solutions for our customers. Technology should be designed around the customer’s workflows, and not vice versa; StarPaaS supports this belief by leveraging the ability to integrate with any third-party technology.”