Stellar Cyber Introduces Generative AI to its Open XDR Platform

Stellar Cyber, a company that promotes Open XDR, incorporated Generative AI (GenAI) into its Open XDR Platform. With GenAI functionality tied to its knowledge base, Stellar Cyber expects to significantly improve security analyst productivity by allowing them to get answers to investigation-related questions by simply asking them as if talking to a person.

Stellar Cyber noted that ease-of-use is its founding principle, which is why it pioneered using AI and ML to automate data processing, event correlation, threat detection and response. Incorporating GenAI into the company’s Open XDR Platform advances its commitment to simplifying security operations by eliminating obstacles plaguing other security products.

“We want to empower enterprises and MSSPs with lean security teams by making it easy for analysts of all skill levels to rapidly spot and address security incidents,” said Aimei Wei, Founder and CTO of Stellar Cyber. “Our existing AI technology has made us a leader in eliminating complexity, and now beta testing proves that our new GenAI functionality significantly improves threat-hunting productivity because analysts can get the answers they need faster.”

Stellar Cyber also plans to make ongoing improvements to its GenAI features to expand and improve its conversational interface, and will announce new milestones as they occur.