Tackle.io to Help Software Companies Build, Scale Cloud GTM

Tackle.io, a software company dedicated to helping software providers generate revenue through the cloud, has expanded offerings to its platform to help software sellers build and scale their cloud go-to-market (Cloud GTM). The capabilities provide ISVs with actionable pipeline data, a proven co-sell methodology and operating model to improve the experience, and sales workflow automation to accelerate and drive new revenue with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and IBM Red Hat.

Despite economic conditions, cloud spending continues to increase. IDC found that $90 billion will be added to the total $500 billion of cloud spending this year, and in Tackle’s 2022 State of Cloud Marketplaces Report, 68 percent of buyers said they are increasing their cloud budget next year.

As buyers spend more with cloud providers, they lean into purchasing through the cloud marketplaces to draw down on committed spend contracts, streamline the procurement process and help them operate more efficiently. To ensure this pre-committed spend is being captured, Tackle’s report also found that 82 percent of sellers will increase their investment in cloud as a GTM channel in the coming year.

Tackle helps to activate the Cloud GTM Flywheel — leading to greater and faster results for sellers and buyers — with these new features:

  • Tackle Prospect – Identify the right accounts in your pipeline to understand which ones are most likely to buy from each Cloud Provider.
  • Tackle Co-SellAccelerate deals through streamlined co-selling workflows with the Cloud Providers directly from Salesforce.
  • Tackle Offers now on the Salesforce AppExchange – Simplify the process for sales, finance, and operations teams to create, send, track, and book custom Marketplace offers in a single application.

All these solutions let software companies transact through the cloud in a way that matches how B2B buyers want to buy: leveraging cloud budgets, simplifying vendor management (fewer bills and consolidating spend), and buying from ecosystems they trust, like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and IBM Red Hat.

To bolster these features, Tackle has acquired CORE Consulting, a software and services firm that helps high-volume ISV sellers become experts on the ins and outs of co-selling through cloud providers. A strong co-sell strategy is becoming table stakes for anyone looking to be successful with their Cloud GTM strategy. Together with CORE Consulting, Tackle will help sellers drive revenue growth and reduce the complexity of co-sell.

Visit tackle.io to learn more about our new solutions.