TBI Adds 911inform to Provider Portfolio

TBI, a leading technology brokerage firm, has added 911inform to its provider portfolio. The 911inform solution is a notification and security management platform that bridges the gap of communication and situational awareness between first responders and on-site personnel of an organization.

Identifying the gaps of legacy E911 communication infrastructure, 911inform provides innovative NG911 tools to manage and solve emergencies in record-breaking response times. 911inform doesn’t replace the existing 911 system but expands on the network to take advantage of the technology an organization uses making the software customizable for each client.

The company provides three safety solution modules, which are connected building capabilities, cell phone notifications and 911inform LDS (location discovery solution). The connected building solution delivers instant notifications providing the call’s origin, up-to-date floor plans of the building, real-time communication with on-site personnel, and remote control of a building’s security systems. Each notification is interactive for the organization and first responders to have instant access to door controls, security cameras, alarms, strobes, voice controls, paging, facial recognition, gunshot detection, and more.

The cell phone notification module will alert an organization when a 911 call is dialed from a smartphone device if located within defined property boundaries. Alerts sent to the enterprise do not contain the phone number or other personal information about the caller, maintaining complete anonymity and privacy. The notifications are generated by the PSAP/ECC, allowing any device to call 911 within a geofence without having a prior relationship nor having to require an app. Each notification provides the enterprise with information of when a call was placed and where with an overhead view of the property.

911inform location discovery solution simplifies and solves the tracking movement for IP phones. Eliminating the complex task of trying to associate phones with subnets or ports and the requirement of keeping convoluted cable management databases, a user is presented with a link through text or email that extracts the location from the device and updates the databases.