Telarix Processes 1 Millionth Carrier Price List via iXLink

The marketplace exchange concept for information sharing among communications operators has proven to be a popular idea: Telarix Inc. has announced that it has processed its one millionth carrier price list via its iXLink platform.

Started in 2007, iXLink is a neutral business exchange designed specifically for the telecom industry in conjunction with carriers. It provides a business-to-business information exchange platform for carriers to automate business processes as well as access and share business documents among their trading partners.

“This milestone, coming on the heels of our recently approved patent for iXLink technology, cements iXLink as the global leader in exchange services for international telecom” said Chris Finn, COO for Telarix. “As we continue to grow and expand our SaaS and managed services product line, we look forward to celebrating many more similar milestones.”

Originally founded to share price lists, iXLink has evolved and other key services have been added such as bill receipt and distribution, and contract receipt and distribution. The company said that recent discussions have been centered on SMART Links, a concept centered on trading automation, allowing both parties to better align their number plans and match target buys with the offers available to the market.

“These key services allow a carrier to truly automate their backend, creating efficiencies and increasing the bottom line,” the company said in a statement. “Disputes and settlements occur within days, no longer months, allowing carriers to focus on their core business.”

The platform has 3,000 carriers and processes more than 35,000 transactions per month. As the industry continues to automate and seek efficiencies iXLink® will continue to expand its services.

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