Telarus Adds Hosted Voice to GeoQuote

Telarus, the value-added technology services distributor, has added hosted voice quoting to its GeoQuote real-time price tool.

Telarus agents can search from a database of more than a dozen hosted VoIP providers—all of which have signed sales agreements with Telarus—and recommends a ‘best fit’ based on selected criteria that includes deal size, hardware requirements, and even CRM integrations..

“GeoQuote has been helping our partners see what others can’t for more than a decade, and, given our focus on helping them become the hosted UC experts, it only made logical sense to build a tool like this,” said Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus. “Hosted VoIP suppliers have historically been very difficult to differentiate even though they all have strengths and weaknesses. Our new tool will automate that research and make the best recommendations based on more than 10 unique customer requirements, including pricing.”

Telarus created GeoQuote to automate pricing and availability of commercial broadband, fiber and voice products in 2003. Since then it has added more advanced products, including fiber maps, a data center locator and an app partners can download from iTunes and Google Play. Without these tools, commercial telecom and cloud brokers have little visibility into best-of-breed providers which is a requirement because so much of today’s cloud infrastructure solutions now depends on the exact geographic location of a carrier’s assets.

“Telarus is raising the bar in the hosted UC space,” added Patrick Oborn, co-founder of Telarus and creator of GeoQuote. “We are excited to bring hosted VoIP, and commercial telecom in general, into the digital age of instant research and in-your-pocket intelligence. We would also like to publicly recognize our all-star hosted VoIP providers and sales partners who provided us feedback, ideas, and assistance during the early days of this project. Their participation was key to its success.”

At the time of the launch, the list of accessible hosted VoIP providers in GeoQuote include: ShoreTel, RingCentral, Vonage, Broadview Networks, Jive, Momentum, Comm-Core, IPitimi, Megapath, Vocal IP, YipTel, and West UC, with more coming soon, the company said.

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