Telarus Launches NOC, Monitoring Service

Master agent Telarus has completed the development of its network operations center (NOC) and launched a free broadband circuit monitoring service for its channel partners.

The service will create an alert and notify the customer, the agent attached to the customer, a third-party MSP, and, if desired, the Telarus staff when it detects a broadband connection has failed or become unreliable.

“Now our partners can tell their customers they’re actively monitoring the products they sell,” said Adam Edwards, CEO and co-founder of Telarus. “Rather than being surprised by an upset customer, our partners can proactively inform the customer of the issue.”

Uptime and utilization reports can be sent monthly or weekly to the customer and the Telarus partner for use in future conversations. For a small upgrade fee, Telarus can place a 3-inch by 3-inch probe into the customer’s LAN and generate real-time and historical bandwidth utilization reports. The service is only available for circuits sourced through Telarus carrier agreements.

“Creating a NOC to monitor our partner’s customer’s circuits has always been a dream of ours and, frankly, something our partners have been asking for quite some time,” said Patrick Oborn, co-founder of Telarus. “When we learned about VXPulse and its vast capabilities, we knew it would help our partners differentiate themselves from others, including direct sales reps who work for the carriers, as well as independent agents working through competitors of Telarus. By adding circuit-monitoring to all of their proposals, they will surely stand out and improve their odds of winning the business.”

The Telarus NOC is powered by VXPulse, a network-performance application built to monitor the performance of voice on data networks from the VXSuite family of products. Telarus acquired the VXSuite software platform in a recent acquisition originally announced on September 16, 2015. Several VXSuite employees have taken leadership positions inside Telarus, including Doug Tolley (senior vice president of sales), Amy Bailey (vice president of marketing), and Michael Brown (vice president of software development).

“We believe our NOC will alleviate some of the fear traditional VARs and MSPs have about establishing a bandwidth sourcing practice,” says Roger Blohm, president of VXSuite. “The VX base of partners are primarily VARs and MSPs and most of them tell us they fear the negative consequences of a service outage more than they like the prospect of earning addition residual income from selling network services. By combining the provider relationships Telarus enjoys with the power of VXPulse monitoring each circuit, that fear is addressed with a tangible, tested, reliable solution.”