TelePacific Adds Texas-based Aligned as Master Agent

TelePacific Communications has signed a distribution agreement with Aligned Communications, a regional master agency based in Dallas.

The partnership focuses on delivering TelePacific’’s connectivity, cloud and continuity solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses primarily in Texas, through Aligned’’s network of more than 300 sub-agents.

““TelePacific’’s solutions include the perfect blend of services for the small and medium business customers that the vast majority of our sub-agents serve,” said Dave Wallace, president of Aligned Communications. “They offer voice and data, plus hosted PBX and e-mail, all on a single bill. “Having these products, and being in the state of Texas — where 80 percent of our agents have customers, —made TelePacific a good fit for us.””

““We’’ve worked hard to earn the trust of the Texas partner community, giving our full attention, resources and focus on winning their confidence,”” added TelePacific senior vice president of strategic opportunities, Ken Bisnoff. “”We feel delighted and fortunate to add Aligned Communications to our select roster of master agents, and learn from them as they join our advisory board members because we both share the same bedrock, customer-focused values.”

“He added, “Together, we can provide Texas business customers the quality managed services solutions they need to grow, backed by the same industry-leading commitment to the customer experience lifecycle that has powered TelePacific’’s growth in California and Nevada over the past 18 years.””

Aligned began selling TelePacific’’s services to small and medium businesses in Texas as a sub-agent in 2014, before seeking a more strategic, direct relationship in 2015. In less than a year, Aligned has leapfrogged to become one of TelePacific’’s Top 10 partners.

“”When we choose a carrier to do business with, let’s just say we like to ride the horses that we have in our stable,”” said Wallace. “”TelePacific‘’s dedication to making us successful for our agents and our customers means that they’’re getting the lion’s share of our business in the SMB customer segment right now.””

Wallace said that the two companies work closely together on pre-sales support through TelePacific’’s channel managers and sales engineering team–collaboration that continues with the TelePacific operations team through installation. “