Telco Systems Releases New Series of Multiservice Business Routers and Integrated Access Devices

Telco Systems has released its new T-Marc R3305 series of high performance, multi service business routers and integrated access devices.

T-Marc R3305 positions service providers to deliver robust, scalable and resilient value added connectivity services, including VPN, telephony and internet access to their SOHO, SMB and SME customers and their enterprise branches.

T-Marc R3305 is a cost-effective platform with enterprise-class features, including a broad range of WAN, LAN and VoIP connectivity options offering deployment versatility, while lowering integration costs. T-Marc R3305 is a true dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 router, providing intelligent backup and load-balancing capabilities across diverse WAN connections. It delivers full wire speeds of up to 2Gbps traffic forwarding that leverages a flexible acceleration engine.


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