Telesystem Expands SD-WAN Portfolio with Versa

Telesystem is using Versa Networks to expand its SD-WAN capabilities, which are available via channel partners.

With the ever-growing demand to reduce complexity and control costs, Telesystem recognized that its business customers needed an efficient and effective way to virtualize multiple components of a branch office, the company explained. After vetting 10 SD-WAN vendors, Telesystem executed an agreement with Versa Networks and has since concluded the initial proof of concept phase.

“We are very pleased to formally announce our partnership with Versa as it pertains to our SD-WAN deployment.  The customer and agent community have been vocal about the need to provide such a solution to complement our expansive data services catalog,” said Warren Reyburn, chief revenue officer at Telesystem. “SD-WAN now joins secure internet-as-a-service (DDoS mitigation), broadband aggregation, monitoring/performance user portals by enterprise or by agent, and MPLS as our standard bearers in the marketplace. We see SD-WAN as a key to further establishing ourselves as a relevant, compelling and value based provider in the national space.”

Telesystem’s beta trial and subsequent rollout of SD-WAN will include public and private network connectivity management, wireless connectivity, multi-site network support, application-based quality of service and multi-layered security.

“We are excited about the fully managed solution Versa Networks provides. It gives our business customers comprehensive protection within a cloud-based platform that will eliminate capital equipment and management costs, ensuring the service is always up to date,” said Mike Bilik, CMO at Telesystem. “Businesses can rest assured knowing we are taking care of their networking and communication needs.”