Telesystem Releases Enhanced UCaaS Offering

Telesystem has unveiled a new unified communications interface providing customers with the ability to use voice, video collaboration, chat, and virtual meetings from a centralized source.

Telesystem’s enhanced UC product, in partnership with Cisco, offers the latest innovation in the UCaaS marketplace. Not only will the product offer leading edge features and functionality, but the rollout includes geographic redundancy that goes well beyond the previous Telesystem offering.

The new UCaaS offering has appearances in New York (NYC), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Ohio (Toledo), Michigan (Monroe), Illinois (Chicago), Texas (Dallas), Colorado (Denver), and California (Los Angeles).

To celebrate the launch of the platform, Telesystem is offering enhanced commissions and SPIFFs through their elite master agencies.

Telesystem currently does business with 13 national master agencies, providing innovative services to thousands of selling partners across the U.S.

Telesystem was also awarded the ChannelVision 2018 Channel Program of the year.