TelNet Partners with Console

TelNet Worldwide (TelNet) is partnering with Console, the enterprise software and interconnection platform.

TelNet Data Center Solutions has direct access to an international footprint of advanced purpose-built Tier III data centers, highlighted by its initial location in Southfield, Mich. TelNet offers businesses colocation and managed hosting in its secure, enterprise-class facility built in partnership with edge data center provider, EdgeConneX.

By adding Console’s platform, TelNet offers enhanced network security, improved performance and faster enterprise-to-cloud private connectivity which bypasses the public Internet.

“As cloud services continue to become sought after resources, the foundations of powering the cloud must take on purposeful design,” said TelNet president Mark Iannuzzi. “TelNet continues to engineer a cloud computing architecture to enable a comprehensive, versatile and highly effective means for enterprises to deploy and employ cloud assets to optimize productivity and performance.”

These partnerships give TelNet customers the ability to scale up and scale out computational and data resources within an application-aware networking infrastructure. With EdgeConneX, TelNet is able to provide enterprises edge computing, placing data acquisition and control functions, storage of high bandwidth content and latency sensitive applications closer to the end user. With Console, TelNet is able to insert these edge resources as part of a larger cloud computing ecosystem that includes a vast array of cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many more.

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