TelServ Launches NumbersOnline for Resellers

TelServ has launched NumbersOnline, a portal for provisioning wholesale DIDs and toll-free numbers in 145 countries.

Reseller partners and their clients can carry out any changes independently whenever they wish, and the partner can brand NumbersOnline with its own logo, add its own numbers to the portal, and can upload their own pricing to NumbersOnline.

“TelServ is turning the telecoms world on its head,” according to Vincent Peek and Marco Dunhof, CEO and CCO of the Dutch telecoms company. “This highly innovative portal with guaranteed security will secure a clear rise in turnover for carriers and resellers. We predict that the adoption and success of NumbersOnline will spread like wildfire as time goes on.”

They added, “TelServ’s partners using NumbersOnline will be able to immediately offer real-time support to their clients and provide them with essential information online – day and night, all year round, without supplier intervention.”

TelServ’s partners also will be able to offer their resellers the same functionality they receive from TelServ. This means that downstream resellers will be able to implement their own logos and pricing. Each partner can determine how much functionality they offer to their resellers.

According to Peek & Dunhof, besides being able to take rapid action with NumbersOnline, partners can also use the online platform to maintain a permanent helicopter view, which gives them more of a handle on their clients’ success. “They can always see which numbers are available and which are in use, how they are routed and how much traffic is being generated,” they said. “Monthly statements for invoicing purposes are also available through the TelServ online platform.”