Tenable Agrees to Acquire Bit Discovery

Tenable Holdings Inc. has signed an agreement to acquire Bit Discovery Inc., a leader in external attack surface management (EASM). Combining Tenable’s Cyber Exposure solutions with Bit Discovery’s EASM capabilities will provide customers with a differentiated 360-degree view of the modern attack surface to identify and eliminate areas of known and unknown security risk.

Discovering and gaining insight into every part of a business’s digital footprint are essential steps of any effective cybersecurity program. Discovery has never been more critical, given the reliance on critical internet-facing services, applications and APIs. The problem for most organizations is they largely are blind to the full and ever-changing scope of internet-facing assets and services.

With its powerful EASM solution, Bit Discovery eliminates this problem by continuously monitoring the internet, allowing customers to discover and identify all externally facing assets that could become exploitable targets by cybercriminals.

After closing, Tenable will leverage Bit Discovery’s EASM solutions across its entire portfolio – from enterprise vulnerability management (VM) to Nessus, from cloud to operational technology (OT) to identity.

Once integrated, customers will have the ability to assess the security posture of their entire attack surface and understand each of these in the context of an attack path that might exist from external systems to critical assets.

By covering both external and internal assets, Tenable will provide a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities and cyber risk, allowing customers to prioritize remediation efforts and minimize cyber exposure.

Learn more at tenable.com.