Tenable, Splunk Partner to Improve Data-driven Incident Response

Tenable announces today a strategic partnership with Splunk to enable security teams to correlate events, take action on flaws and meet compliance standards better. The combined power of Tenable’s vulnerability management insights with Splunk’s log and flow consolidation capabilities simplifies risk prioritization and accelerates threat response.

Today’s security teams are inundated with thousands of alerts each day from multiple tools and lack complete visibility into their environment. Security teams are stretched thin, making it difficult to analyze and act on every event in the environment.

Instead of getting ahead of cyber risk, organizations find themselves in a repeated cycle of responding to potential breaches in progress.

As a leader in exposure management, Tenable provides Splunk customers with full visibility into all assets, and assesses those assets for exposures and vulnerabilities, assigning each weakness a Vulnerability Prioritization Rating (VPR).

This easy-to-understand prioritization score signifies relative risk to the business. Paired with the log and flow consolidation capabilities provided by Splunk, customers unlock meaningful correlation data and advanced analytics for incident response, enabling them to prioritize and focus security event investigations on the biggest risk, all in one dashboard.

“Together with Tenable, we provide our joint customers the ability to detect, investigate and take action on vulnerabilities to their technology assets,” said Hitu Chawla, GVP, partner strategy and solutions at Splunk. “We’ve launched this partnership with Tenable because of its effective exposure management capabilities and commitment to helping customers understand and reduce business risk.”

Tenable’s Vice President of Technical Alliances Ray Komar added, “Uniting Splunk’s log and flow consolidation capabilities and Tenable’s visibility and vulnerability data, organizations can respond quickly to actual risk, rather than perceived risk. With this data at their fingertips, cybersecurity teams can address security incidents faster, freeing up their time to focus on other meaningful initiatives.”

In addition to streamlined vulnerability response workflows, the partnership enables organizations to:

  • Detect accurately – Integrate exposure and asset data for improved visibility and accelerated incident response. Enrich existing event analysis with important vulnerability context.
  • Effectively prioritize – Focus event investigations on the biggest cyber risks to the business and prioritize remediation based on the likelihood of an attack.
  • Accelerate time to value – Improve incident response time by using Tenable vulnerability data into all assets and their vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and unpatched components in a single security and observability platform.

These capabilities are available immediately for Tenable and Splunk customers. More information on the Tenable and Splunk partnership, and other Tenable technology partnerships, is available at: https://www.tenable.com/partners/technology