Thermo Credit Creates $250K Line of Credit for ASC Partners

Thermo Credit entered into an agreement to establish a $250,000 line of credit for ASC Partners. The latter will use the funds to promote growth in “other business interests.”

“Selecting Thermo Credit was not a difficult choice for us,” said ASC’s Neil Maslansky. “This additional line of credit will give us a little extra financial agility for the right opportunities and provide support to our other business interests. ThermoCredit met our financial needs and we are very happy with the results.”

“Clients like ASC Partners are the kinds of companies ThermoCredit works with every day,” added ThermoCredit EVP, Seth Block, which said that the company is about “funding our client’s business roadmap so they can meet their financial goals.”

Thermo, a privately held funding and financial technology company, has extended funding to “hundreds” of communications and technology businesses since 2002.