Tines Adds AI-Enhanced Workflow Automation Capabilities

Tines – which offers smart, secure workflows – released new native AI features. The new automatic mode and AI action capabilities within the Tines platform leverage LLMs to drive operational excellence.

Tines’ new AI features supercharge existing benefits within its workflow automation platform by addressing security and IT challenges. Benefits include optimized workload management, enhanced tool connectivity, improved error reduction, alert management, data accuracy and collaboration.

“Powerful workflows are best built by those who know them best, and these features demonstrate our commitment to bringing relief to overloaded teams while accelerating our customers’ ability to achieve operational excellence,” said Eoin Hinchy, the co-founder and CEO of Tines. “It’s always been possible to leverage LLMs within our platform, but AI in Tines is designed to be airtight as safeguarding customer data and privacy is an integral part of everything we do.”

The new features include:

  • Automatic mode, for building more efficient workflows by allowing users to transform data with the full power of code, without needing to read or write it.
  • AI action, which allows users to run more effective workflows by directly accessing and utilizing an LLM at any point in their workflow with improved ease, making faster decisions.

Combined with human ingenuity, the new AI-based features allow organizations of any size to be more efficient, secure and create more engaged teams.

To learn more about how Tines’ new AI features are making an impact for customers, visit the company’s AI product page. Click here for Tines’ partner program.